Elite MBA Admissions

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee stems from a core principle: Clients don’t pay admissions consultants because they want flawless essays – they pay because they want admission to their program of choice. Guaranteeing admission aligns our incentives with those of our clients – we don’t just track changes on a word document and then wish our clients luck. We will work with clients from identifying the strengths in their profile to choosing essay topics, and finally through countless iterations of essays in order to ensure that admissions chances are as high as possible.

While it is impossible for us to guarantee admission to any one particular program, we are confident that most MBA applicants are “admissible” to virtually all top programs. The difference between admittance and rejection is one of details – clear and compelling essays that convince admissions officers that applicants will contribute to and benefit from their program.

Our admissions consultants work with clients on complete applications to five programs. Should the candidate not receive admission to any of the five programs, 100% of his payment is refundable.