Elite MBA Admissions


My consultant outlined a plan and became my trusted sidekick in each step throughout the grueling application process. He took the time to understand my strengths and advised how to work key themes into my application. When reviewing essay drafts, he was not only extremely responsive and detailed with his feedback, but he also offered strategic advice on how to tweak essays depending on what each schools specifically value in a candidate. In preparing for the interviews, it was helpful to hear feedback from both him as well as another Elite consultant who wasn’t familiar with my story. By the time I got to the interview, I felt like I knew my pitch like the back of my hand. At the end of the process I knew I had presented my best candidacy due to my work with Elite.
-- Harvard Class of 2015

Working with Elite MBA helped me navigate the normally fraught application process with the security of having a trusted advisor in every step of the way. I think my application benefited greatly from their support. From working with my CV and essays making sure a focused and compelling picture was coming across to their valuable advice when the time came to choose a program among the ones that accepted me, their help was vital in this process.
-- Chicago Booth Class of 2015

We are happy to put prospective clients in touch with our past customers to provide first-hand accounts of their experience with Elite MBA Admissions.